RB+B Architects, together with thinkSMART planning, inc., is privileged to announce that High Plains PK-8 School in Loveland, CO has achieved one of the highest honors awarded in educational planning excellence. The Association 4 Learning Environments’ (A4LE) LEsolutions Awards recognize projects that stimulate systemic change in the educational system by addressing difficult questions, challenging the status quo, and raising expectations. The awards embody great architectural design solutions, and the successful components and characteristics of these projects have been founded in an interactive process that engages multiple stakeholders to create educational environments that hold purpose and distinction within a community.*

High Plains was one of eight schools selected from an international pool of 59 entries to receive an LEsolutions Award. Categories of recognition included New Learning Environment, Post-Secondary, Renovation/Addition, Small Project, Exceptional Planning (the category of award for High Plains), and a Juror’s Choice award.

“We like to say that the best projects come from the best clients, and High Plains is no exception. Without the Facilities and Administrative leadership from Thompson School District, as well as the collaborative involvement from High Plains’ Design Advisory Group and Construction Review Committees, this project would not have achieved the results that it has. Significant support from these groups, the Loveland community, the professional talents of our entire Design Consulting Team, and Heath Construction are what truly made this project a success,” says Corky Bradley, the project’s Principal in Charge.

High Plains 2 

High Plains 5

High Plains 4 

High Plains 3

About the Association 4 Learning Environments
The A4LE believes that great schools begin with open dialog and deliberate planning. As such, the Association is committed to recognizing learning environments that positively affect the teaching and learning process while serving as an example of sound planning principles. They result in appropriate and effective design solutions that reflect the community to which they belong.
Click here for more information on the award winners from the A4LE website.

*Information from the A4LE.