RB+B recognizes that the most creative and important assets we have are our staff; each year our co-workers remain committed to the firm creates an occasion to be celebrated! But at five-year milestones, we take a little extra time to check in with our talented team members to celebrate their major accomplishments, and get their take on what’s important moving into the future.

Five Minutes with Corky:

What has been your proudest moment at RB+B? 
There have been so many over these 25 years! From great projects (Fossil Ridge High School, Red Hawk Elementary School, the Windsor National Guard, Conservatory Green at DPS, just to name a few), to 2004  when RB+B was named Firm of the Year by the Colorado AIA. And I’m constantly reminded of how proud I am of RB+B at every interview!

Describe a funny moment during a project.
Well, remarkable if not ‘funny’: In Douglas County, the contractor drilled and poured a drilled-pier for a foundation. When they returned the next morning the whole thing had vanished!  (“Alright, who stole our caisson?”) Seems that it may have been installed directly over an abandon mine and literally fell to its death!

Why do you enjoy working at RB+B?
This could be a long list! But what immediately comes to mind is: it’s a great place to earn the respect of colleagues, the staff are passionate about RB+B and excellence in Design, and I’m surrounded by friends (who put up with my silly humor).

Tell us about a goal you have for the next five years.
Plan the second half of my life? I would love for the next large project we design to achieve Net Zero Energy.  And, I am very excited to be underway on the new High Schools for PSD!

What do you like to do outside of work hours?
Travel, attend concerts, occasionally getting to go sailing, and spend time enjoying my five grandkids!

What drew you to RB+B?      
My wife, Ruth and I were leaning towards moving out of Southern California to ‘try something different’ since we were both born and raised there. When we traveled through Fort Collins in 1992, we fell in ‘like’ with it. I had stolen the one page of Architectural Firms out of the “Yellow Pages” phone book (Google it!) and later, I began calling the three firms in town about coming to work for them. When I got RB+B Principal, Bill Brenner on the phone, he was the nicest, most genuine and patient Architect I’d ever spoken with. I couldn’t wait to come out and meet him!

Do you have a hidden talent or passion?   
Well, I’ve been known to sing at a wedding (my own). Back in the day, I performed in Japan and Europe with a large chorale group, and I played the drums. Oh, and played and marched in the Rose Parade one New Year’s Day with my University Band!

If you could share a piece of advice with your 20-year old self, what would it be? 
Time goes by fast!  Do what’s important, not just what’s urgent. Pause and remind yourself of just how fortunate you are. Tell your family how much you love them at every opportunity.