RB+B recognizes that the most creative and important assets we have are our staff; each year our co-workers remain committed to the firm creates an occasion to be celebrated! But at five-year milestones, we take a little extra time to check in with our talented team members to celebrate their major accomplishments, and get their take on what’s important moving into the future.

Five Minutes with Matt

What has been your proudest moment at RB+B? 
I believe “we” (in any grouping – a “team,” an “office,” a “society”) should strive to remember “we are all in this together.”  My proudest moment at RB+B was accepting a proposal from the firm to take a 50% pay cut during one unusually slow period to ensure one of my peers would not be laid off.

Describe a funny moment during a project.
I remember coming in one morning in a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, to meet Derek so he and I could settle in for our final push on the Seven Generations Office Park project.  I was at my desk all day, then all night, then most of the next day.  Derek and I finished late the next afternoon, and when we left together to drop our project off at the Print Shop, I was walking through a foot of snow in my flip-flops and freezing my butt off.  We had been at the office for so long (probably 30+ hours) in one sitting that the seasons had changed!  Ah, the good ol’ days (when I could draw)…

Why do you enjoy working at RB+B?
Agency.  Working at RB+B, while there are things I must accomplish, my day is what I make of it.

Tell us about a goal you have for the next five years.
I would like to learn a foreign language and travel to where that language is spoken.  Right now I am targeting Spanish / Patagonia.

What do you like to do outside of work hours?
When I’m not at a soccer event for one of my boys, I enjoy camping, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, snow shoeing, snowboarding, telemarking, dirt biking, and motorcycling.  And when it is dark outside or the weather is poor – shooting pool and occasionally “binge watching” TV shows.

What drew you to RB+B? and/or Why have you stayed?
We moved to Fort Collins so JoAnn could attend graduate school at CSU.  I’ve stayed with RB+B for the flexible working environment – while working at RB+B I’ve worked with some great people on some great projects AND started/raised a family AND engaged in some great recreational activities.  At RB+B, I haven’t had to choose between THIS or THAT.

Do you have a hidden talent or passion?   
It’s not so hidden, but I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the times I spent with my grandfather in his garage repairing or making something.

If you could share a piece of advice with your 20-year old self, what would it be? 
All of life’s answers are “right here,” not “out there.”

Matt Arabasz_20 years