RB+B recognizes that the most creative and important assets we have are our staff; each year our co-workers remain committed to the firm creates an occasion to be celebrated! But at five-year milestones, we take a little extra time to check in with our talented team members to celebrate their major accomplishments, and get their take on what’s important moving into the future.

Five Minutes with Lacey:

What has been your proudest accomplishment at RB+B?
It’s hard to pinpoint a single event, but I feel really good about the way our firm has continued to evolve over the years in a changing industry. Marketing is one aspect of that; we’ve continually pushed ourselves to better communicate our story, and have been able to do so with success. Winning a Marketing Communications Award from SMPS Colorado was one example of the result of that effort.

Why do you enjoy working at RB+B? 
It would have to be the family-oriented culture and the friendships I have made. Our office is made up of people who are genuine, helpful, appreciative and honest. I’ve made lifelong friends here.

Tell us about a goal you have for the next five years.
In this world there are so many things always competing for our attention and begging to be pursued. My goal is to continue to help our firm make wise decisions in how we spend our time marketing so we can truly focus on doing the right things well. Personally, I keep thinking running a marathon is on the horizon, but half marathon training is so much more manageable!

What do you like to do outside of work hours?
Most of my “outside of work hours” time is devoted to my five- and three-year-old kiddos, and husband. I also enjoy running, reading, biking and attending events in our community, like outdoor concerts and festivals.

What drew you to RB+B? Why have you stayed? 
We moved to Colorado for the outdoor adventures, and RB+B in particular offered a unique position that I knew I could grow into. I liked the idea of working for a smaller firm that was able to complete large projects, and I respected the high quality, sustainable design work the firm was creating. I’ve stayed because I truly feel the organization is one I can stand behind, which is critical in the marketing profession. My coworkers are also some of the most talented professionals I know; they make my job easier because of the high caliber work they deliver.

Do you have a hidden talent or passion?
I am such a planner! Sometimes it’s a fault, but usually being organized is what saves me and helps me to manage the responsibilities of work, family, and making a little time for myself.

If you could share a piece of advice with your 20-year old self, what would it be?
Don’t compromise what you value just to maintain a job. At RB+B I’ve never felt I’ve had to apologize for someone’s decisions, justify behavior, or compromise my values in how we do business. We truly are a firm built on solid ethics. That is something I would not necessarily have appreciated earlier in my career, but I certainly do now.

Lacey Reckelhoff 10 Years