RB+B recognizes that the most creative and important assets we have are our staff; each year our co-workers remain committed to the firm creates an occasion to be celebrated! But at five-year milestones, we take a little extra time to check in with our talented team members to celebrate their major accomplishments, and get their take on what’s important moving into the future.

Five Minutes with Josh:

What has been your proudest moment at RB+B?
I would say it was a day last year when I was giving a tour at High Plains School and was able to see a project I had poured effort into for years finally working to inspire hundreds of kids!  It’s easy to get caught up in the details of design and construction so experiencing first-hand the smiling faces of the students was incredible.

Describe a funny moment during a project.
I rendered a video once for a client whose business focus was on ranching so I put cows outside the windows that you could see as you flew by. I thought it was hilarious but the client wasn’t so impressed.

Why do you enjoy working at RB+B?
I love the family atmosphere of the office. There are people behind all the work that our office does and the quality of the work we produce is a reflection of the amazingly collaborative culture we have here.

Tell us about a goal you have for the next five years.
I’d like to work on the design of a net-zero building of some kind. I also want to hike some more 14ers and explore the southwest region of Colorado.

What do you like to do outside of work hours?
I like hanging out with friends, hiking, camping, volleyball, skiing, traveling and relaxing with my dog, Baxter.

What drew you to RB+B? Why have you stayed?     
I first applied at RB+B because I really wanted to live near the mountains in Colorado and be part of a firm that designed quality, sustainable architecture. I’m still here because I still love the mountains and this firm as much as the day I moved here.

Do you have a hidden talent or passion?   
It’s not really a secret, but I like playing piano and writing music. Sometimes I pretend I’m a photographer.

If you could share a piece of advice with your 20-year old self, what would it be?
I’d think I’d say to relax a bit and to not be afraid to make more mistakes. I’d tell myself to get more sleep for sure!


Josh McGarvey Milestone