Trailside Academy P-8 School

Trailside Academy is a new PK-8 school that is being developed as part of the area’s new Midtown Development. Designed for 488 students, this new facility will integrate Expeditionary Learning as the educational delivery model and has taken on an identity combining “Urban” and “Art” themes. Mapleton Public Schools (MPS) is structured to provide choice, intending to match each individual learner with his or her optimal learning environment.


CLIENT: Mapleton Public Schools
SCOPE: 67,000 SF
COST: $16.75 Million

MPS will transport any student in the District to any facility within the District; accordingly, each educational facility is not viewed as being a “neighborhood school”, but rather each educational facility is viewed as a unique offering within a larger portfolio of educational offerings. Early in the process, the Design Advisory Group determined the new Trailside Academy would be the “Urban” school within the District’s portfolio and is exploring opportunities for using “Art” to define and express the “Urban” concept.

Trailside 1
Trailside 2
Trailside 4
Trailside 5
Trailside 3