Southeast Community Park

The new Southeast Community Park will transform a minimally vegetated site along McClelland Creek (adjacent to Fossil Ridge High School) into a 50-acre community park for the residents of Fort Collins and surrounding communities. The overall design of the park (designed by landscape architecture firm Civitas) pays homage to the site’s historic uses of agriculture and fruit orchards while embracing the creek corridor as the center of the park.


LOCATION: Fort Collins, CO
CLIENT: City of Fort Collins
SCOPE: 1,600-Square-Foot Structure
COMPLETED: Estimated 2017

One of the key features of the Southeast Community Park design is the deliberate addition of new trees throughout the site arranged in various configurations. In addition to natural scattering of the trees, the site plan also aligns trees in rows to help define smaller spaces within the larger park. More formal spacing of the trees in other areas groups them into grid patterns reminiscent of an orchard.

The pavilion was inspired by the idea of making itself an extension of the orchard. It is composed of equal modules separated from each other by narrow gaps. The gaps allow light to enter into the space and define each module. This grouping of modules creates a continuous horizontal canopy that evokes the feeling one has when within an orchard.  

SE Park 4
SE Park 2
SE Park 1
SE Park 3