Red Truck Brewing

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, the new Red Truck Beer Company Truck Stop transformed an existing restaurant/brewery space into an integrated brewery and diner. The 6,500 SF Truck Stop hosts a unique set of features with incredible attention to detail.

Patrons can gather on the spacious indoor/outdoor patios that include firepits and seating, or walk up to order a beer at the patio window, which protrudes from a cargo container. Guests can check out the working water tower or relax listening to live music on the indoor stage.


LOCATION: Fort Collins, CO
CLIENT: Red Truck Brewing
SCOPE: 6,500 SF Renovation, 400 SF Addition
COST: $3.3 Million

Red Truck opened utilizing a new 10-barrel small batch system with plans to fire up their 50-barrel system shortly after opening. Their array of brews includes both in-house specialty brews as well as collaborations with other breweries throughout the area.

The Red Truck brand is represented by its vintage red trucks representing a simpler time when life moved more slowly and people took the time to stop and enjoy the moment. The building integrates an environment that communicates the story of the brand providing a warm and inviting environment.

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