Northern Water Granby Campus

This 46,000 SF building combines conference facilities, offices, and operation/control center functions with large vehicle/equipment maintenance and storage uses for Northern Water, the municipality that helps to deliver clean water to more than one million residents in Northeastern Colorado. With a remote mountain location, there are no utilities to this site. Power, fiber, and gas are being brought to the site and a well with filtration and purification systems is used for fresh water. An OWTS (onsite water treatment system) was designed for wastewater and a pond and pumphouse were constructed to provide water for fire suppression.

Situated on a wide open ranch, the building is positioned to take advantage of southern exposure for north/south daylighting and beautiful views to the east from the conference area. With concerns on the amount of snow this site gets, maximizing the solar exposure of the entrance and main yard while having no north-facing doors was very important. Natural lighting is implemented in the shops and vehicle bays. Natural materials with colors and textures that blend with the rustic surroundings are incorporated. Northern Water has a goal of LEED silver for this facility.


CLIENT: Northern Water
SCOPE: New 46,000 SF
COST: $28.1 Million

NW Granby Final 1
NW Granby Final 2
NW Granby Final 5
NW Granby Final 3
NW Granby Final 4
NW Granby Final 6
NW Granby Final 7