Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District Headquarters

NCWCD is responsible for managing and maintaining northern Colorado’s water resources. They design, build and maintain the canals, reservoirs and tunnels that water passes through on its trip from the western slope to the northern Front Range. This project included offices, a conference facility, research, maintenance and storage facilities for NCWCD.


LOCATION: Berthoud, CO
CLIENT: Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
SCOPE: 47,500-Square-Foot Office; 50,000-Square-Foot Maintenance/Storage
COST: $12.8 Million

The office building contains a technology-integrated board room and conference facility. The site includes 15 acres of crop fields and lawns that demonstrate the results of water conservation techniques. A landscaped water feature provides a working model of Northern Colorado’s reservoirs and lakes. The buildings reflect the rural character of Berthoud, Colorado. The maintenance and storage buildings are metal building systems with a masonry veneer wainscot.

Sustainable Features

Natural daylighting is achieved through the use of high windows. Electric lights are controlled by photocells. Site and materials selection, energy and water conservation, and the commissioning of building systems are also incorporated into the design making it a high performance building. Ice storage provides building cooling while an onsite pond manages irrigation. Recycled and natural materials were used throughout.

Northern Colorado Water Conservancy 1
Northern Colorado Water Conservancy 2
Northern Colorado Water Conservancy 3
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