New Eaton High School

After several years of planning and the successful passing of a community-supported bond in November 2019, Weld County Re-2 School District is beginning the implementation of its master plan.  The planning approach throughout the district centered on the design of a new high school on a new site, the conversion of the existing high school into a new middle school, and the conversion of the existing middle school into a new elementary school.

The 62-acre high school site will house a 165,000-square-foot new comprehensive high school that will provide expanded applied learning opportunities in Career Technical Education. Historically, the District has been unable to accommodate all of the students interested in applied coursework in Culinary Arts, Woods, Metals, STEM, and Agriculture programs. This new high school will better meet this need. The modern agrarian design aesthetic is evident in the use of brick, wood and metal materials. 


CLIENT: Weld County School District Re-2
SCOPE: 165,000 SF New School
COST: $63 Million
COMPLETED: Estimated Fall 2022

For the 2019-2020 academic year, there are 574 students enrolled in Eaton High School. The proposed new high school facility is being planned for an initial Program Capacity of 800 students (initial build-out) and an ultimate Program Capacity of 1,200 students (full master planned build-out).

The building is a partial two-story building, increasing the amount of open space for site amenities as well as its cost effectiveness. The building and its “wings” maximize north and south exposure and minimize east and west exposure, as natural light is most easily controlled for solar heat gain and glare on north and south building elevations. A vibrant courtyard space serves as a focal point in plan, and generous amounts of transparency throughout the building deliver a light and airy quality to interior spaces.

Eaton HS New 6
Eaton HS New 3
Eaton HS New 4
Eaton HS New 2
Eaton HS New 1
Eaton HS New 5