Mosley P-8 School

RB+B and HCM teamed together to complete the second iteration of the Aurora Public School P-8 prototype (the first was Vista Peak P-8 Exploratory School). The new prototype is located on a Community Campus near the intersection of East First Avenue and Salida Way in Aurora. Although this project didn’t seek LEED Certification like its predecessor, it features all of the same sustainable features and ideas as the first.


CLIENT: Aurora Public Schools
SCOPE: 106,100 Square Feet
COST: $23.1 Million

The projects sustainable features include daylighting throughout classrooms and other instructional spaces. Lighting controls reduce the amount of artificial lighting used and local and recycled/reusable materials are integrated into the design. Building water consumption was reduced through the integration of automatic faucets. The need for irrigation was limited through responsible site design and employing commissioning during construction.

This project was a joint venture with HCM.

Mosley 1
Mosley 2
Mosley 3
Mosley 4
Mosely 5