Loveland Oncology and Hematology Center

The Loveland Oncology and Hematology Center is a tenant finish in the Sundance Professional Centre in Loveland. The original building is a LEED Gold building and the tenant finish is designed to meet LEED Gold standards. The center includes four exam rooms at approximately 105 square feet each, one infusion room with nurse’s station at 837 square feet. The infusion room has chairs for 10 patients. The center also includes a pharmacy and mixing room, total area of 303 square feet where the chemo drugs used in the infusion room will be mixed.


LOCATION: Loveland, CO
CLIENT: University of Colorado Health
SCOPE: 4,000-Square-Foot Tenant Finish
COST: $500,000

The center is intended to be licensed as a hospital. This was a fast-track project as the infusion center was currently in a temporary location in the Loveland Urgent Care facility.

Loveland Oncology 1
Loveland Oncology 2
Loveland Oncology 3
Loveland Oncology 4
Loveland Oncology 5
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