Harmony Ridge P-8 School

RB+B partnered with HCM to modify and construct the third iteration of the APS PK-8 prototype that was originally designed in 2008. The prototype building design accommodates 1,000 students in grades preschool through eight and is situated on an 18-acre site. The school is named Harmony Ridge P-8.

In this iteration of the prototype design, the rear half of the building was mirrored from the original in order to meet site parameters. The layout for the original building had been specifically designed to accommodate mirroring in multiple directions to be successful on future sites. Because of new code requirements, the wall systems also needed updating from the original design.


CLIENT: Aurora Public Schools
SCOPE: 103,700 SF New School
COST: $30.9 million

Creating a unique identity that sets one school apart from the previous is important when working with a prototype solution. Each time the team has duplicated the design, we have given the project its own color scheme. In this iteration, we also simplified the masonry design to help aesthetically match its neighborhood.

Additional changes at Harmony Ridge included modifications in the ECE department, gym, kitchen, and cafeteria.

Harmony 1
Harmony 2
Harmony 3
Harmony 4
Harmony 5
Harmony 6