Equinox Brewing Taproom Expansion

The 1,000 square foot expansion to Equinox Brewing in Old Town Fort Collins was designed to enhance their public taproom, employee and support spaces. New seating areas were added and the bar was extended to better accommodate their growing patronage. Raised seating areas add depth to the space and allow the brewery to accommodate music. The bar extension is made of cast in place concrete and the flooring of polished concrete. The main entrance is moved to the center of the building to allow easy access to the beer garden, bar and restrooms. The two side seating areas are designed to have a smaller, quieter feel.


LOCATION: Fort Collins, CO
CLIENT: Equinox Brewing
SCOPE: 1,000-Square-Foot Renovation/Expansion
COST: Confidential

Equinox Brewing 1
Equinox Brewing 2
Equinox Brewing 4