Elwell Elementary School

The new Elwell Elementary School will be a student-focused environment offering variety, choice, and flexibility throughout. Grade-level academic spaces will surround a core of community spaces, and will then be surrounded by outdoor learning spaces. At the heart of the school is the Community Commons, which combines functions of Learning Stair, Dining Commons, and music stage to create a versatile space that will serve a variety of school and community gatherings. To the west, the Learning Commons will become a playful and inviting space for students situated at the center of the school’s academic communities. The gymnasium is tied into these community areas, reinforcing its purpose as a large educational space in addition to area for play.

Grade-level Small Learning Communities (SLC’s) surround the Learning Commons. These communities will include a variety of spaces to support a range of learning modalities, and will have direct indoor-outdoor connections. Outdoor learning spaces further expand the diversity of learning environments at Letford, offering opportunities indoors and out.


LOCATION: Johnstown, CO
CLIENT: Weld Re-5 School District
SCOPE: New 75,000 SF Replacement School
COST: Estimated $27.2 Million
COMPLETED: Estimated Summer 2022

Elwell rev 1
Elwell rev 4
Elwell rev 3
Elwell rev 5
Elwell rev 2