Conservatory Green ECE-8 School

Located north of I-70 on the former Denver International Airport site, the new 113,600-square-foot early childhood through eighth grade school serves the expanding community of Stapleton North. In order to meet district needs, the building is designed to operate as two autonomous schools, sharing only the gymnasium, cafeteria, and other support spaces.


LOCATION: Stapleton, CO
CLIENT: Denver Public Schools
SCOPE: 113,600 Square Feet
COST: $19.1 Million

High Tech Elementary School will contain early childhood education through fifth grades and Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST): Conservatory Green houses sixth through eighth grades. Colors and textures from the natural and built world are used throughout the design to inspire students to be more aware of the patterns that surround them every day.

Conservatory Green 1
Conservatory Green 2
Conservatory Green 3
Conservatory Green 4
Conservatory Green 5
Conservatory Green 6