Coloradoan Office Building

This bright, open, daylit office building contains all of the functions of a modern newspaper and studios for KUSA Channel 9’s Northern News Bureau. The building includes an employee fitness center, lunchroom with second floor outdoor plaza and a community conference room which doubles as a computerized staff training room.


LOCATION: Fort Collins, CO
CLIENT: Coloradoan Newspaper/Gannett
SCOPE: 37,300 Square Feet
COST: $4.8 Million

Open office areas are arranged on the perimeter of the building to take advantage of natural daylighting. Interior and exterior light shelves bounce the sunlight off sloped ceilings to bring the light further into the building.

Sustainable Features

The building design includes cool daylighting, electric lights controlled by photocells, and a white roof to reduce heat load.

Coloradoan Office 1
Coloradoan Office 2
Coloradoan Office 3
Coloradoan Office 4
Coloradoan Office 5