UNC Michener Library Archives

The lower level of Michener Library was renovated in stages for various University programs. The program called for private office, shared workspace, conference, and research areas. RB+B has been working with UNC for several years on multiple renovation projects for the lower level of the facility.


CLIENT: University of Northern Colorado
SCOPE: 3,600-Square-Foot Archives; 4,000 Square-Foot ASA; 3,300-Square-Foot Enrichment
COST: $700,000

The first project was for Library and University Archives which included offices, research areas and specially conditioned rooms for storage of archives, including the personal archives of James A. Michener. The next two projects were for Academic Support and Advising and the Enrichment Center for the Honors program. These spaces included reception upgrades, offices, seminar rooms and tutoring spaces. RB+B also completed a master plan and CCHE program plan for the full renovation of the 80,000-square-foot lower level.

UNC Michener 1
UNC Michener 2
UNC Michener 3