Design Philosophy

Engaging with our clients and coworkers to design places – for work, learning, living, entertainment and worship – brings us great satisfaction and fulfillment. Designing quality places that add value to their communities and the environment while bringing pleasure to their inhabitants – this is why we choose to do what we do each day.


A collaborative design process is the most effective way to design high quality, sustainable buildings that add value to the community and bring pleasure to their inhabitants. Our commitment to this process – both internally and externally – challenges us to reach beyond today’s solutions as we seek answers to tomorrow’s challenges. Lively, interactive design sessions enable us to explore ideas and concepts, while collective work sessions spark dialogue, making design a dynamic process.


The way we live and work is changing rapidly and, in response, our team continually evolves how we define quality and comfort. Designing a high performance building involves balancing two types of stewardship – environmental and financial. It is important that both of these are weighted when looking for answers. Our design process thoughtfully addresses these challenges and opportunities through research, education and discussion to identify proper systems and materials to maintain your investment in a way that is sustainable for both you and the environment.


Great buildings become successful when they become a reflection of you – your values, your message to the community. Throughout the process we will draw out what makes you unique and work with you to design a space that showcases that individuality.


When you select RB+B, you are placing your trust in our experience, knowledge and character. Throughout design our team will guide you down a path of decisions that considers the highest and best use of your resources, designing a place that enhances its surroundings, meets the needs of its inhabitants, and results in a project that you can enjoy for many years to come.

What’s your challenge?

One thing that sets us apart is that we challenge our clients in equal ways that they challenge us, always seeking out the best design solution possible – even when it’s beyond what one originally planned. We would love to start a conversation with you about what facility challenges you face and how RB+B Architects might help you discover a solution.